Dublin 8th March 2012

“Last weekend was one of the best for my son He celebrated his tenth birthday at Kill International and may I say that everything exceeded my expectations. Twenty five children arrived with different or no riding skills at all; some excited and some nervous. Those with experience were confident and happy with starting the pony games, the children with little experience thought this was a great adventure and one or two who had never ridden were so nervous, I thought they would get right off the horse and run away as fast as they could. But to my surprise this did not happen. The instructors were very  good at noticing this and therefore each rider who had little experience had someone from Kill holding onto the reins and the ones who were terrified were accompanied by two people. One holding onto the reins and the other talking to the child to comfort him so he could enjoy the experience. It worked out with just the first run. Those who were not riding and waiting for their turn were included by doing different things in the arena while the instructions for the next game were given. They were all happy, they were all safe and they were all enjoying every part of it.

I must say that I was very impressed with the whole logistics and the children were thrilled. More than one child is ready to take on riding lessons.

Thank you to all the staff at Kill International for giving us such a wonderful day!”  Michele Montemayor

Kildare 6th March 2012

‘Kill International, the horses, the ponies, and the staff are all part of our lives in the Davitt household especially Bud! It is a fantastic Equestrian Centre. For a person who never rode in their life it been a fantastic 17 months!
I started on a wet Sept evening in 2010 – sat on Duracell  - trotted and cantered – it was an unbelievable experience! I was hooked! The instructors are brilliant and my riding continues to improve at each and every lesson – I am jumping 70cms and riding on the bit…..It was only me from our house that had the interest at the start now all of the children are riding and they are hooked – when not in Kill they spend their time with the family dog trying to make him trot and canter – the poor dog even has a lead rein lesson!  He has been renamed from Charlie Browne to Bono…….

I have my favourite instructor and all in Kill knows who that is – ‘Lucy’ – Lucy has brought my riding to a level that I never thought I would achieve and I want to say ‘thanks’ .
Now I can’t leave out the ‘office manager’ – I know Sev has the hardest job of all and that is keeping us ‘the client’ happy and she does a great job on that – nothing is ever a problem.  Looking forward to the show on the 19th March and a big thanks to all the fantastic Staff in Kill.  Michelle Davitt

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